Self Paced Training for Spiritual Awakening

acim teachers jan and timothy in sedona

The Little Garden Patio for meditative ACIM study. ACIM brings direction to your spiritual awakening.

Spirit is Calling You To Train Your Mind

Using Spiritual Psychology

What is this Spiritual Course?

Watch: ACIM is a Structured Path for Freeing your Mind and Heart

The Little Garden: Connecting You to Spirit in a Structured Direction

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    A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is a single volume with 3 books: Workbook, Text and Manual for Teachers.

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    Discussion and study in community leads to rich growth.

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    We offer individual, spiritual mentorship for serious students who come on retreat with us.

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Course Mind Training System for Spiritual Direction

A Course In Miracles is a Spiritual Thought System

Thoughts come BEFORE feelings!

We live in a world of our own creation.

ACIM teaches us how to step in to our power and take responsibility for our thinking, so we can fill the world with the Light that has never left us.

“I spent a month studying with Jan and Tim in their beautiful home and can’t say enough about how much I loved the experience. The natural beauty of Sedona, immersion in the Course, a room well-appointed with a private bath and outdoor sitting area, the sound of Tim’s fountain, Jan’s incredible garden, what else can I say?  There is no other place like it. I plan on returning every year.”   

Connie Brannock

“I lived in Jan and Timothy’s lovely and loving home for 10 months. Being experienced and dedicated Course teachers, they provide in-depth study and ongoing practice of A Course In Miracles. Living together in shared intent, the practice is kept in focus, learning is intensified and deepened! Thank you, Jan and Timothy!”

Poppy Paoli

A Spiritual Course That Doesn’t Cost Anything

A Course In Miracles is 1 book with 3 sections that give us spiritual direction through forgiveness.

A Course In Miracles

The radical, life changing spiritual thought system that teaches you how to think and perceive differently, to forgive, and to be happy and peaceful.

Read A Course In Miracles Online

Even on your phone!

ACIM will connect you with your own, inner teacher

Maybe you’ve heard it during a meditation. Are you starting to remember?

The Course teaches us:

  • We are either acting in love or fear; the two cannot coincide simultaneously.
  • Forgiveness is the tool that absolves guilt and fear.
  • It is a MIRACLE whenever one of us changes our perception away from judgement, towards unconditional love.
  • All share one mind in the perfect light of Source. We never left, but simply forgot who we truly are…

The Little Garden Welcomes YOU Home.