Spiritual Psychology System for Managing The Dark Night Of The Soul

a course in miracles teachers in sedona arizona teaching as students for others to train the mind for inner healing during the dark night of the soul

The Dark Night of The Soul FEELS bad

As teachers, and therefore students of A Course In Miracles, we share tools online for self-paced, spiritual psychology to train your mind.

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What is The Dark Night of The Soul?

Put simply, this “Dark Night” is the incredible fear that one goes through as they become more aware of who they really are, in truth. As you “wake up” to your spirituality,

You can read the wiki on it! But most likely, you’re here because you want to get THROUGH that dark night.

How Do I Manage MY OWN Dark Night of The Soul?

If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression and negative feelings during your awakening process, you’re on the right track!

That’s because the ego self (which is your fear trying to kill you) will start to panic as you get closer to understanding the higher self.

Manage this time with the only tool you will ever need: FORGIVENESS!

Learn True Forgiveness and Reprogram YOUR Thoughts With A Course In Miracles

the key to overcoming dark night of the soul is with a process that works such as a course in miracles

A Course In Miracles is a spiritual psychology thought system that gives you:

The Text

Deep explanation of what reality is and how it all works.

The Workbook

Daily meditation and thought exercises that help you train your mind.

Manual for Teachers

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More Resources to Study A Course In Miracles Online with The Little Garden

Watch A Course In Miracles Text Class Videos

An at-home style class we facilitate with students around the world. Both deep and informal discussion of the Text.

Watch A Course In Miracles For The Curious on YouTube

Designed for the new students to get a general overview of topics. Find out if this spiritual path is right for you!

Get Inspired By a Regional ACIM Center: Miracles Ranch

We are moving forward with a regional location to study A Course In Miracles as a global community in Sedona, Arizona.

a course in miracles teachers in sedona

The Dark Night of The Soul Will End

You can only see the dawn when you decide. We’d love to guide you, and walk with you as you learn to forgive yourself.

Train your mind with A Course In Miracles

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Heal your mind so your mind can heal others with us! The awakening is coming. What role will you play?